Best time to visit Kumarakom

Best time to visit Kumarakom is from September to March as the weather is pleasant. This area has moderate climate which allows tourists to enjoy the natural ambience.

September to February draws many tourists in Kumarokam, and this period is ideal for sightseeing, houseboat trips, exploring flora and fauna as well as all types of tourist activities.

Summer season in Kumarakom
Summer starts from March and lasts till May. Temperature ranges between 22.6°C to 34.2°C during these months. The days are hot and nights are relatively cooler.

Monsoon season in Kumarakom
The rainy season lasts mainly from June to September. This area receives 1100mm of rainfall annually. As the regions receives two monsoons an occasional drizzle here makes the atmosphere pleasant and the surroundings green and fresh.

Winter season in Kumarakom
In winters the temperature drops to18 degree Celsius. Best Season to visit Kumarakom is winter. During this season, people can also see plenty of migratory birds in the sanctuary.