Ayurveda Treatments

Ayurveda views the treatment of disease in a much different way than modern medicine. There is no single medicine for a specific cure. Disease is considered to be an imbalance in the body and maximum effort is given to restore the body to its normal constitution. Hence the Ayurvedic practitioner aims at the holistic growth of the patient instead of focusing on a single issue. This ensures long term health benefits and stabilises the body. We offer excellent Ayurveda treatments and also with other Ayurveda therapies.

ABHYANGAM–REJUVENATION MASSAGE 60 min The entire body, including the head and face, is massaged with traditional techniques using suitable medicated oils. By increasing the blood and lymphatic circulation along with perspiration it eliminates toxins and excess fat from the body. This will tone up the muscles and rejuvenate the entire system. Using appropriate medicated oils this can be used in different conditions like arthritis, paralysis, spondylosis, muscular dystrophy, gout, sciatica, low back pain etc
SIRODHARA 60 min.  After a simple body massage, a steady stream of medicated oil is allowed to flow on the forehead for a long time. This relieves stress and strain and induces complete relaxation of the mind. It’s also useful in insomnia and anxiety disorders.
HERBAL STEAM BATH 30 min Induces sweating by 15 minutes of body massage followed by sitting in the herbal steam chamber. This eliminates all toxins from the body and feels the lightness of body and mind.
ABHYANGAM with STEAM BATH 75 min Full body oil massage followed by herbal steam bath.
BHYANGAM with SIRODHARA 90 min Perfect blend of rejuvenation and relaxation techniques. Gives both physical and mental calmness.
PIZHICHIL—MEDICATED OIL BATH 75 min Pieces of linen dipped in suitable medicinal oil are squeezed over the body regularly along with a gentle massage. It’s a highly rejuvenative treatment useful in nervous breakdowns and it cures paralytic, rheumatic and arthritic problems.
UDWARTHANAM— HERBAL POWDER MASSAGE 60 min The entire body is massaged with certain herbal powder. This scrub massage is intended to clean the skin and to burn localized fat accumulations. In addition to weight reduction this massage adds glaze to the skin and improves complexion.
PODI KIZHI—POWDER BUNDLE MASSAGE 60 min After a simple massage warm kizhies are applied all over the body. The kizhies are linen bags filled with medicinal leaves and herbal powders fried in medicated oil. This will promote the elimination of toxins by better circulation and increased perspiration. Also effective in all type of arthritic pains, low back ache, spondylosis etc.
NJAVARAKIZHI—RICE BUNDLE MASSAGE 75 min Kizhies made up of medicated rice cooked in milk and decoctions are used for this massage. Intended for muscle nourishment. Very effective in paralysis, muscular wasting and rheumatism.
HEAD AND SHOULDER MASSAGE 30 min Massaging the head, neck and shoulder with medicated oils. It nourishes and strengthens the hair roots thus preventing hair loss and premature graying. Invokes complete relaxation and is the best remedy for tension headaches.
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